Ladies Knickers

Ladies Underwear

With the CD party coming up. and Ladies being in the fore, I thought its time to talk about knickers. Specifically, Ladies’ Knickers… and more specifically to avoid any suggestion of bias – English Ladies’ Knickers

Barbirolli Square is the site of ‘Tommy Duck’s’, one of the great pubs of Manchester. It was located in a late eighteenth century house, and was named when the signwriter was sorting out the name of the landlord, Thomas Duckworth, but ran out of space: ‘Duckworth’s’ became ‘Duck’s’.

The pub was quite unique. Inside there was a skeleton in a glass lidded coffin sat amidst a priceless collection of Victorian theatre and music hall posters. The ceiling, god bless the landlord, was covered with ladies knickers. From thongs to bloomers, (and everything in between, if you pardon my liberality with English}.

Female customers were invited to donate a pair. Then they were autographed, dated, and pinned up with a bit of a ceremony.)

The pub was demolished in a controversial fashion. Not by feminists but overnight and underhand – or so they say.

In any case, I was lucky enough to play there, in 1984, with the appropriately named ‘I Giggle When I’m Tickled’ and our guest Ladies ‘The Three Electras’

I forgot how the music went that evening but some of those pairs of knickers have stuck in mind


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