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Sonne, One of a Dying Breed

Posted in Good Places to go on April 2, 2008 by craigherbertson

Two rooms. The first with a small bar, kicker (table football) darts and a wooden floor. The second, an old out-of-tune piano, a ceiling with signatures and a small dilapidated stage. Go to the toilets and on the way there are posters on the wall advertising music, mostly Irish folk.

This club has seen many of the great names of Scottish and Irish Folk and will hopefully see many more. It’s going to see me on Friday and I will be looking up at the ceiling at some of the crabbed signatures and quips from the legends.

Still runs a session, now quite hard to find in Germany.

Cherish these places.


Shamrockstr. 121
44623 Herne, Germany
+49 2323 52673