Craig Herbertson
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Craig Herbertson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to a family whose musical traditions stretch back across several generations. Principally known as a singer of Scots and Irish songs, Craig is also an accomplished guitarist with a repertoire of original music and occasional light jazz.

Son of a Jazz trumpeter, Craig was introduced early to Swing music. His uncle played in a Skiffle band. On one side, his grandparents had performed in theatre and vaudeville, on the other, they were self taught musicians and folk singers.

In the early days Craig played in experimental bands including the Scottish New Wave band ‘The Androids’ reviewed in NME with air play on BBC Radio 1.
Later he rediscovered his folk roots playing with a variety of bands including ‘The Keltix’ whose songs were featured on BBC radio and television. Searching carefully you will find Craig lurking as a busker in episodes of ‘Peak Practice’ and as various bits of human anatomy in four of the ‘Prime Suspect’s.

Craig picked up experience busking in Europe and America, from the Paris Metro to Riverboats on the Mississippi, during which time he dabbled with fiddle, mandolin, banjo, penny whistle and piano. In 1999 he was invited to sing with the dance spectacular ‘Celtic Life’ where he recorded his first solo CD ‘The Lullaby of Scotland’ featuring some traditional favourites and his own original material.

In 2004 Craig composed the song ‘Hearts of Glory’. The CD reached no 20 in the BBC Indie charts, something of a miracle for a folk ballad. ‘Hearts of Glory’ was performed by Craig and Ed Westerdale, at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh to a capacity crowd of around 20,000 by Scapa Flow. Quest the piper stole away from sessions in Sandy Bells to help out.

Craig’s penultimate project was a CD, Lord of Whisky, reviewed as

‘ Scots’ folk at its best’

Christopher Dömges,

On April 5th 2008 the release party for ‘A Health To the Ladies’ will mark Craig’s third and final solo folk concept Album

Craig’s last CD released on Steeplejack and produced by Andrew Cadie was Communication Breakdown, an apocalyptic vision of the modern world

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