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School: The Seventh Silence (2005) Editor: Storm Constantine

The Heaven Maker (1988) Editor: Clarence Paget The 29th Pan Book of Horror
Short Stories

Soap 7 (1990) Editor: Dave W Hughes: Works 7
The Glowing Goblins (1992) Editor: Nik Morton Auguries 16
Under the Moons of Mars (1995) Editor: Frank Westwood Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Return to Greenwood (1997) Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Strange Fruit (2008) Editor: Rog Pile: Filthy Creations 3
On the Couch (2008) Editor: Charles Black The Second Black Book of Horror
Synchronicity. (2008) Editor: Charles Black: The Third Black Book of Horror
Soup (2009) Editor: Charles Black: The Fourth Black Book of Horror
Leibniz’s Last Puzzle ( 2009) Editor: Charles Black The Fifth Black Book of Horror
A Game of Billiards ( 2009) Editor: Benedict Jones Tales from the Smoking Room
Maidenhead ( 2009) Editor: Coral King: The Thinking Man’s Crumpet
Spanish Suite (2010) Editor: Charles Black: The Sixth Black Book of Horror
The Waiting Game (2010) Editor: John Mains Back from the Dead
New Teacher (2010) Editor: Charles Black: The Seventh Black Book of Horror

Timeless Love (2008) Editor: Rog Pile Filthy Creations 2
A White Rabbit in Gent (2005) Editor: Storm Constantine ‘School: the Seventh Silence’
Candlelit Waltz (2009) Editor: Coral King The Thinking Man’s Crumpet

Tarzan, Nietzschian Superman? Editor: Frank Westwood Fantastic worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Rope Editor: Frank Westwood Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Dumarest: The Coming Event?, (2010) Editor:Stephen Theaker Dark Horizons 55#