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Wiley’s, Savannah, Georgia

Posted in USA Tour 2008 with tags , on March 13, 2008 by craigherbertson

It’s one in the morning. Flushed with bourbon, buds, Guinness and music we take the big American truck back through the Savannah swamplands. The great thing about being a musician is the opportunity to meet other musicians.

For over five years Wiley’s place has been offering the kind of oasis in the desert that a thirsty musician yearns for. Here instruments line the walls, next to Wiley’s paintings, the history books and the vast workshop where among other things, Wiley seems to have constructed a house that Aristotle would have bent the head to in approval.

Morgan switched between Bass and guitar, Miles injured on his band-saw (where he was touching up his own self made house) gave a try on the dobro (Originally coined by the Dopyera brothers) while Wiley moved between bodrhan and guitar. Everyone here can produce a fair noise on a number of instruments; everyone is capable of producing these magical moments that spin across the universe. One hopes the universe is listening.

The big kick this time was the discovery that Miles injury produces a Dobro sound that seems to belong to ‘celtic’ music. We have to record that sound.